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Animal Testing and Islam? - 7th Century Generation

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Animal Testing and Islam?

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#1 Zawjat Saleem

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Posted 06 September 2008 - 08:11 PM


I have a quick question, but i dont know if it will be a quick answer, What is the Islamic stance on Animal Testing, be it cosmetic, domestic or medical products? Personally I dont like animal testing for ANYTHING and insha'allah try to keep away from it as well as trying to use natural products, but i wasnt sure what the islamic stance on it was...i.e is it completely HARAM, Mukrooh or allowed?

I dont see how it can be allowed completely as we are harming animals for personal gain, and testing on them when we dont ALWAYS need to, i.e THERE are other means out there.... also wouldnt the Islamic stance be to try to use as many NATURAL products as possible (this is for cosmetic stuff)... any yeah so i'm wondering what the stance is?

insha'allah it made sense!!!



ps insha'allah people can resond with evidence as well please...

#2 Abu Ibraheem


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Posted 06 September 2008 - 11:27 PM

Heres 2 posts i found in a Animal Rights forum (there were only 3 posts in the thread in total)

animal forum admin said:

The general principles which apply are, however, the trusteeship of man over nature with the responsibility of maintaining the natural balance. Animals do not have the same rights as humans just as they do not have the same duties. In this respect animal rights campaigners are misguided. Animals may be utilised by man for work, and to provide food and other benefits. It is, however, not permitted to inflict any unnecessary suffering on other creatures. Necessary here means that it serves to avert a greater harm or produces significant benefits. This means for medical research that if animal testing saves human lives, it may be permitted, provided sufficient care is taken of the animals' welfare. It would, however, not be permitted for irrelevant or frivolous reasons. Testing of cosmetic products would probably fall under that category if it causes harm or discomfort to the animals. Wherever the desired results can be obtained by other means, animal testing should not be used simply for economic reasons or convenience.

animal rights guru(non-muslim) said:

Of all the monotheistic religions Islam is the strongest supporter of animal rights and the natural world. Although halal meat dosent need to be consumed in this modern age when the qur'an was laid down it was a real change to how people treated animals before slaughter. Islam also forbids all 'sport' hunting. From what i've seen cosmetic testing is most certainly banned and i've met Muslims who vermently oppose vivisection for supposed medical reasons and their is evidence in the qur'an and ahadith for this as well. Muhammad also refused to disturb a sleeping cat on his prayer rug as to not awaken it, and there is half a dozen ahadith i've seen explicity speaking out against animal cruelty, including one were a women who had starved a cat to death was garanted a place in hell, regardless of any good work she did after it of before it and another saying that good done to an animal is the same in God's eyes as a good deed done to a human (same for a bad deed). While many Muslims now, just as many Christians or athiests, disregard any animal or enviromental points of their religion (or lack of) at its root Islam is definately a 'nature' religion.

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