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When Allah Created Flees And What Flees Got To Do With You? - 7th Century Generation

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When Allah Created Flees And What Flees Got To Do With You?

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#1 onedarkangel_uk


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    I'm very focused just working on building my on line university.

    And also when it is launched, to create the website for all the books too. Insha-Allah when all done you'll see a change of website link.

Posted 08 March 2010 - 03:25 AM

Assalaamu alaikum bros and sisters

It has been a while since since I've chatted to you all and left posts and I thank you, Jazak Allah Khairun for many of your comments and also the emails, since the work of Identity and skin dive started a while back.

Today, I share a story for you that will Insha-Allah impact your life on what you think is impossible or possible to achieve. For most, people believe on certain limits and possibilities, because they have programmed to do so.

A child has grown to teens and has already heard a million "no's," and "can't" and words like, "you clumsy," and also, "it's impossible," and "money is evil" and to repeat words to themselves with words like, "I'm broke," and "I'm NOT good at maths," and "I'm not a techie person," etc etc.

This is called self sabotage.

How many times, have heard someone say, "rich get richer." How many times have you heard someone say, "money is evil." How many times you heard someone say, "so, so is this and that.."

How many times you heard yourself or someone say, "I'm not good at maths, computers, science, physics."

How many times you heard a parent say, "Look what you've done! You clumsy..."

How many times you heard yourself feel that nervous feeling when you want to have something - a job, pass an exam, and even feel the unworthiness when you see a big number of a fat wage of 50k?

Or the role of building an organisation from the ground up?

How many times...do you hear the words whisper in your head but really don't hear it, and yet, feel it inside of you and it prevents you to...ACT!

When Allah SWT Created Flees
When Allah SWT created flees, He didn't tell them how high they CANNOT jump.

No, this was man's doing.

Flees can jump great heights. They can jump upto 150-200 times the length of their own body. This would be as equal to a six foot man jumping 900 feet.

But there were feels that didn't jump even close to this. Why?

Well, one day, a man caught some flees and he said to his associates quietly..

"Listen, I have tested something out."
"This test can make people think they cannot achieve a certain possibility. In doing so, we can make people believe, they haven't the abilities."
"Watch this.."

He gave the man a tool that can zoom in at great lenth and let his friend see flees in a jar.

"You see this flees?"
"Yes," said his associate.
"Well they use to jump 200 times the length of their body but the don't anymore."
"How come?"

The man explained how he got these flees, put them in a jar andclosed the jar with a lid. The flees started to jump and hit the lid. They kept doing this, day after day until...they believed, that's how high they can only jump.

"Now watch this."

The man got a big glass box and the height was 200 times the length of the flees. He also drawn a line on box which was the height of the jar. He opened the lid and put the flees in the glass box.

Then got another large magnifying lense and got the man to look at the flees.

"What do you see?" Said the man to his associate.
"They jumping."
"And?" Asked the man.
"But not that high at all."
"That's because?"
"You've programmed to believe they CANNOT jump that high."
"That's what we're going to do to some people!"

How To get Rid Of That Lid
That lid exists today, in the world you live in. Everyday, that lid is there and it's up to you to not be in that jar. Everyday, when you sit with someone talking negatively about life, someone else, and even what cannot be achieved - you've let someone put a lid on you.

Everytime, you say, "I CAN'T do this work," and "I'm NOT good at physics," and "Man, it's so difficult to do," you...put a lid, a cap on your abilities and the miracle Allah SWT has put in you.

Everytime, you procrastinate, and leave something to the last minute, last day, last week, to do an assignment - you have not only put a lid on your future, but you have also put a lid on the legacy, the history, the greatest examples of our time, that has been given to us 1500 years ago, because people now...don't see it in you.

How can we ever say, show, reveal the greatness, the blessings, the miracles, the wisdom, the examples we so speak about, when they do not shine in our own examples?

We can't.

Whenever you feel you cannot do something, think of the story of the flees and who is putting that lid on you.

Whenever you sit down and you know, your friends are casting judgement on others and you just sit there, quietly, becoming part of it - think who puts that lid on you - when you can reach out to that sister in the corner, the brother who is alone, or even the Non-Muslim who feels there's no hope at all.

Whenever someone says they want to achieve something and you're about to say, "Oh, only rich get successful," stop, and think, and see how you just tried to put a lid on this person's ability and future.

Far too many times, fellow Muslims, give me the excuses of Destiny and that God, Allah the Most High has written destiny.

Listen up.

Who are you to know what God has written?

Since we don't know, then we aim high. Since we don't know, we don't make excuses on the basis of what we don't have. Because you, and I, have EVERYTHING to change the world today.

Think, think hard.

How many lives have you impacted in the last month? Anyone?

How many have you called to do service, and see if someone in your ummah, needs help with homework?

How many projects you've started and NEVER finished?

How many ideas you have and never completed and always give the excuses, "Oh, when everything is right."

I got news for you - there is no such thing as a day when everything is right, complete, perfect. This belongs to Allah SWT. He's perfect and we are not. So forget waiting for tomorrow because you may ONLY have today.

Forget waiting for the right time - because you may have on this hour.

Forget waiting for the right support because there is Allah SWT and He is better than all who can support you.

Forget waiting for the right feeling, because we always feel some fear to overcome obstacles no matter what righteous dude who keep saying, "I fear only Allah SWT" because if he did - you won't see him try and come second place and work 40 years of his life in a job, under a non-Muslim BOSS!

I say it, as it is.

It doesn't matter what we don't know but what we do know, and even if it is a little thing to us - it is big to someone else, who doesn't know. It's something new to someone who hasn't stepped in college.

It's someone new for someone who has never applied for a job and got an interview.

Think not of what we cannot do, what we cannot achieve, but what lid we can rip out, for someone else or our lives and let them taste the miracles our Lord revealed to us.

When Allah SWT Created You - He also gave you a PURPOSE...
Take a moment, take a deep breathe, and then look at your life.

Then ask if there's something you wanted to achieve, master, do, achieve, complete and ask why you haven't done so.

Here's a hint - The lid.


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#2 Guest_Rajiyat Al Firdaws_*

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 05:39 AM

Allahu akbar! excellent stuff mashallah. would you mind if i pass this around? (under your name of course)

BarakAllahufeek. An important reminder for all of us!

#3 onedarkangel_uk


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    I'm very focused just working on building my on line university.

    And also when it is launched, to create the website for all the books too. Insha-Allah when all done you'll see a change of website link.

Posted 08 March 2010 - 07:41 AM

View PostRajiyat Al Firdaws, on Mar 8 2010, 04:39 AM, said:

Allahu akbar! excellent stuff mashallah. would you mind if i pass this around? (under your name of course)

BarakAllahufeek. An important reminder for all of us!

Wa alaikum salaam

Jazak Allah Khairun.

Yes, go ahead, though I know there is some grammer and spelling mistake in it but go ahead. Spread it as far as you can and Insha-Allah, by Allah SWT will, someone is going to wake up and make it happen.


Adam Taha

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#4 Skooch

    Why am I so different? :'(

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 07:51 AM

jazakillahu khairan , nice post

#5 Rain

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 09:27 AM

JazakaAllaahu Khayran, that was very beneficial.

#6 Safura


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Posted 08 March 2010 - 02:00 PM

JazakAllah khair very beneficial post mashaAllah!
even i would like to share it among others(with the reference) :)

#7 UmmT

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Posted 08 March 2010 - 02:56 PM

Wa 'alaykumu salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Welcome back brother. MashaaAllaah a brilliant post jazakAllaahu khairan, please keep it up and continue posting so we may benefit!

Fi Amanillah

#8 TorqueWar Seeker


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Posted 08 March 2010 - 04:15 PM

Wonderful perspective! Jazak Allahu Khairan bro and nice to see you back :)

#9 al-ghareebah


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Posted 17 March 2010 - 10:20 PM

I have some articles written by yourself from some previous time and I have carried some of them in my bag these past few weeks. I read them amongst other things on my bus journeys to work in the mornings. I'm led to believe that without the hope these words inject in my veins I would probably lose my sanity, my sanity is locked away with my goals and your words keep my goals alive.

This post today made a lot of sense to me and Im refreshed to read such familiar things which connect up to what I currently understand.

BarakAllaahu feek.

#10 mariya


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Posted 21 March 2010 - 04:13 PM


#11 onedarkangel_uk


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  • Interests:My interest are marketing, self development and Internet Marketing.

    I'm very focused just working on building my on line university.

    And also when it is launched, to create the website for all the books too. Insha-Allah when all done you'll see a change of website link.

Posted 03 April 2010 - 11:59 PM

Assalaamu alaikum bros and sisters in Islam

Great to see you into content and knowledge that is positive, and Insha-Allah will of benefit.

Been a while. Just not in forums much. In and out :) as I'm building visions. We can focus on darkness, wars and all that but here's the deal...

"If any post such things, what THEY doing about it?"

Anyone can paste about war, genocide, and la dee da stuff on enemy this and darkness that. But Allah SWT is going to ask us, "what did you do?"

Think very careful on these four words..

"What Did You Do?"

Gauranteed brothers and sisters, 97% and more do nothing.

So, I do not be in forums much, and I have to say and unfortunately too, I unsubscribe to forum topics. They too much on negativity, what bad is out there and yet, let's look at ourselves shall we.

What have we done to bring value to world? Forget 1500 years ago. That wasn't us who did it. It was Muhammad (SAW) and Companions (R.A.A.) with Allah SWT Guidance. Nothing can happen without Allah SWT.

So I ask of you these three words as a question..

Whenever we post about war, "what did we do?"

Whenever we talk about greed, "what did we do?"

Whenever we talk about corrupt leaders, "what did we do?"

whenever we talk about puppets, "what did we do?"

So before anyone posts anything, about war, about genocide, about anything, ask, "what did I do?"

This means this..

1. Did we read, create our own books, become mighty in the use of our Lords gifts called the Galam, the Pen and write. Create books and sell them, and give them away, so we can educate others and show by example, we TRULY ARE NOT TALK or KIDS pratting about as if we are so called warriors, when we not?

2. Did we get our bros and sisters together in college and become legends in these places and help our bros and sisters get top marks? So the NON-MUSLIM teachers and NON-MUSLIM students say..

"How do they come together and help each other? Look how they even help our friends who are not Muslims. Why they do it? Let's ask why?"

And I can go to many examples but I say to you today this..

A) We Muslims who suppose to have light of our Lord with us are not light. We are dark at this moment. Instead of talk of victory, we talk of darkness. Heed my warning today. Our talk, our lips are ALSO prayers. They are heard by All Mighty Allah.

If we want victory, THEN SPEAK it.

If we believe in the tomorrow victory - SPEAK IT.

If we believe in God Mighty power - SPEAK it and .LIVE IT.

Enough of the dark talk, of war, of all this and concentrate on WHAT WE CAN do now.

For Muslims today have not become attractive for our actions are not attraction. Our actions contradict what we say and believe in.

How many threads I see today of self pity, of what is bad in world, of what is dark in world.

And yet many Non-Muslims come in forums and see this and think..

"I already in darkness. I do not need more of it in my life. I thought they were different. I thought they hold flag of hope. I thought I could learn something that can change my life, and I could see it in their example."

Oh you who are faithful, true believers of Allah the Most High - Rise up. Rise up and speak good. Rise up today and be the best at what you do. Rise up and be attractive in our example. Rise up and show them how we are good in our tongue, in our actions and how we are so valuable in the communities, that it is US, WE, ALL OF US, who bring solutions to the community.

Oh you who are truly believers, who believe the day is coming, where we know 100% that we have ALREADY WON and God, Allah SWT has said that cursed Iblis has lost and will end in Hell fire, and believers will win salavation - to now do what you promised to Him.

The son of Adam (AS) forgot the convenant of Allah SWT but let it not be us.

If you are truly serious in changing the world for the sake, and pleasure of Allah SWT then be ready. Be ready for the time is coming soon brothers and sisters. I'm using the power of the pen, and the tools of today to give to the world knowledge, value, skills.

In doing so, they see us Muslims giving to world instead of us talkng darkness.

And when they say to you and me, "what is it that has compelled you to give so much to us?"

Say, "It is not we who give. We are NOTHING. It is by the Will of Allah SWT. Go now, praise Him not us. Go now, praise Him, the Lord of the world. Go now, and kneel before our Lord and ask thank Him for what we give because the knowledge, skill we got is from HIM."

So be the best you can be. Stay away from talk on darkness. Today people want news of hope. Be it. Today people want to see someone reliable, is on time - be so. Today, people wany someone who they can trust even with their money - be fearful of Allah SWT and never abuse anyone's money, family, wife, husband, land and anything else.

So that they see the wonders, might, beauty, awesomeness, glory, abundance of our Lord Allah SWT.

I'm sorry I cannot be here all time. I wish I could but I have many books to write, many training to do, many people to help and it is all, that I can pile up the deeds so I can please Allah SWT.

That's all I want in life. His pleasure. If I achieve this, then I won. That's really the real fight bros and sisters. Earning His forgiveness and pleasure. Anything else, well, it is but of life and we do it to live and be the best to set an example.

Brothers and sisters, if but you see how Allah SWT done for my life, you'd smile. If only you see where I was, helpless, in darkness, in streets, lost forever, and He heard and he plucked me out and helped.

If only you see how amazing He is for real. You'd be amazed at how powerful Allah SWT is. I truly mean, you will feel so much happeiness inside, even when you have no money, nothing - you feel RICH, WEALTHY and BLESSED!

I swear to you, nothing I have ever came from me. I swear to you, nothing of any power came from but Him. I swear that I am no genius, no talented, no nothing of this. It is He who done all this. It is He who gave me wisdom, talent, skill and all the energy I have.

I feel, though I am 40 years old, I feel like 16 years old. I don't know where the energy is coming from and through my everyday, all I have is but two meals a day. These are bread, milk, and some dates. And one meal of rich, chicken curry and yet that is all I need.

I swear to you, that He will give you all you ever need. If you want courage, He shall give it. If you want success, He shall give it. If you want anything that is Halal, and good, I swear - He will give it. He is of full abundance and if He were to give every human being everything they desire, it would not even be a drop to what He has and what He will always have.

If you want to win, I mean really win....then pray like warriors do, go to sleep early after Isha, sleep and wake up for fajir and battle away. SubhanAllah, Oh Allah, you gave me so much, and I do not know, if what actions I have done, can measure any of what you give.

See you all soon here Insha-Allah. Dream big. Do big things. Anything is possible with Allah SWT. Anything! I promise you 100% anything is possible when we are aligned to His law. It His words. He said it in the Holy Qur'an and Allah SWT always keeps His promise.

He has with me and given more.

Wa alaikum salaam

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#12 Wijdan


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Posted 16 April 2010 - 09:45 PM

Wow mashallah thanks for sharing this its awesome.....my friend reads alot of the self help books.

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