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Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Success? - 7th Century Generation

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Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Success?

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Posted 01 January 2011 - 06:08 AM

Assalaaamu alaikum brothers and sisters

Praise be to Allah the Most High and peace and blessings of Allah be upon prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Brothers, sisters, I have a question for you. It is a question many do not ask, although they feel it inside of them but still cannot understand what this feeling is. Their life is screaming, revealing all to them, but still, everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY, they do the same mistakes.

Here's an an example....

Imagine, right now, you are with those you love. Let's say your father, mother, brother, sister. You get a knock on the door and the post man gives you a letter. It has your name on it.

You open it up and it says..


You're unsure, so you call the Airline and the Airline says..

"Yes, you have won, because you went to Hajj on a certain month and you were our 1 million customer! So you won a trip around the world, ALL PAID FOR and you can take your family with you, who are blood related. Your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, and your own children! All is paid for!"

Your family gets excited and prepare.

You are now at the airport and the luggage has been taken care of.

You're on the plane and you, your family have seat belts on.

Then the Captain puts the intercom on and says..

"Hi folks! Welcoome to la la Airline! Now, I must tell you, that we haven't checked the engines for the last 6 months! We don't know what the weather is like. Though the trip is around the world, I haven't prepared, which way to go. But hey, let's not worry about it. WE'LL THINK ABOUT IT WHEN THE TIME COMES!"

What would you do?

You'd get your family off that plane FAST!

You would not take the chance, of the lives of your family, you too, on the basis of such slack preparation.

But let me now ask you the corner stone question of your character.

The question that has hit a home run for MOST MUSLIMS TODAY and EVEN...Non-Muslims.

The very question, that gets me to help businesses after businesses - Mentoring and all paying me 600 an HOUR for!

Yes, this question, it's answer, it's way of life, makes YOU become the most valuable amongst SHEEP, who follow but their emotions, their desires, their whims and not be discipline.

So here's the question?

Where Is Your Check List for today, tomorrow and the day after?

Where is your plan, diary, strategy for your life?

Where are you going and have you prepared in detail or are YOU going to be like most Muslims with Hijabs and Beards, who I can get some of my less senior trained WHO ARE NOT EVEN MUSLIMS, put you to shame.

If Allah SWT has created a plan for you, has prepared for you, has said this is the PLAN My Servant and this is where it will lead to, and this is what's going to hit you, and here's what you need to look out for, and here's what you need to have to be stronger, and here's the solution for EVERY problem that comes YOUR way..

The Lord of the World, the King of Judgement Day, the ONE GOD, the ALL MIGHTY has done this..

Who do YOU think you are, to not have a plan, a check list and prepare?


If you are basing all you studied for on PLAN A, then please do step forward and look at the unemployment line. Do you think, that teacher knows a damn thing of what the REAL world is.

They telling you right now, that if you get good grades, that you will succeed. I say, you are in TROUBLE brothers and sisters. Serious trouble! The world that is coming is not going to have what your parents and others had.

It's not going to have the government checks, the food stamps, the pensions and way jobs are today and the way they are in past.

It be about, experience, about what value you got, discipline or what we call RESULTS!

If you base all you have done on handing a CV, then please do get PREPARED to be THROWN in the unemployment line with the rest of the heap - because those days are OVER! And when that happen, kiss your rights, goodbye. You'll be slaves, doing what others tell you do to the max, and if YOU say no, "No money, no food stamps, no government checks!"

Man, some Muslims are right now queing for these! Shame! Shame on those who say they can change the world and yet, look at their own lives.

If you base your future on the paper you got, and advise that - you send a CV, then be PREPARED that a thousand and Million more students are going to do the same. Be prepared that CEO's like me have read many CV's and seen all the nonsense of..

"I'm an outoging person, and team player, and my qualifications are this and that."

The reply will be, "SHOW ME RESULTS in the REAL WORLD!"

It will be, "Where have you worked? How long? What was your involvement? Give us the Contact number so we find out your results."

What is your plan B?

Forget even plan B!

Most don't even know plan A.

Like the captain on that plane - he doesn't know where he's going, where he's ending up and how to get there. Nor has he prepared everything ready.

Let me make it clear.

You do not PLAN to FAIL.

No one starts with a plan to fail. No one wants to fail, lose, and feel so down, and feel the world is caving on them.

No one wants to be broke, rediculed, shoved in a job they hate. No one.

No one wants to feel worthless and not feel happy, and doing what they passionate about.

Most people FAIL.....to...PLAN.


You're time will come and you will have to make your own way in the world. You will have your own family, own children, own house or flat. It shall come with it's own responsibilities.

And if you have not woken up today, I promise, when that day comes, you will.

You shall see the truth of brotherhood. You shall see who are just words and who are but nothing but beards, and hijabs. You shall see who is the most valuable and who is but a talker of verses, hadiths and useless, and it is all appearances for study circles, and khutbah's.

When that day come, then you will realise what all businesses, people I mentor realise..

"It is time, to take responsibility for my own actions. To seperate from the mediocre crowd because I see their level of value, their lives. And I want more than just be a person, living from day to day. I want to show example of what I truly believe, by the RESULTS and not talk."

You are your thoughts. Your thoughts become actions. Your actions become habits in time. Your habits shape your character and as Allah the Most High has warned us, many a times - your character, shall shape your destiny.

He has given you a PLAN.

He has revealed to us all, how to be strong in belief, mind, heart, soul and CHARACTER.

And he/she of character, is someone who belittles their life without a plan, cannot stay focused, falls for shiny objects and wastes their time, trying to save the world, when THEY CANNOT SAVE THEMSELVES from their own self sabotage demise.

Here's Your Plan....
Take not a day, as a day but a day, in which brings you closer to your goal and purpose.

No action should be wasted on, if it doesn't bring you nearer to your goal.

Busy does not mean productive.

So, before you go to sleep, and after your prayer, and do it when you're NOT tired - write down, what will YOU contribute to Islam. What achievements shall you reveal as an example to the world, of what a Muslim is.

I don't care, if it's to be the greatest author, scientist, doctor, nurse, teacher, or whatever.

Know IT NOW 100%.

Be Crystal clear of what it is.

Then write it down as crystal clear.

Work backwards to see what you need:

- Knowlege, what kind.
- Specialised skill, what kind.
- Tools, what type.
- Mentorship or Coaching.

Now write down the challenges...

- Lack of money. Get valuable, and money won't be a problem. Identified a need in the world that is halaal. SOLVE problems and get PAID!
- Lack of expertise. Then stop hanging around with people who have not these expertise and associate with people who do!
- Lack of strategy and planning. Then find people who are good at that.
- Lack of time. Then cut out time from unproductive habits. Make a decision and not petty excuses!
- Belief in yourself. Then BELIEVE IN ALLAH All Mighty and hang around with Muslims who don't backbite, lazy, good for nothing, and have positive attitudes!

Now, MAKE the DECISION and don't back off.

Create a check list for each week or day.

Follow, finish, what you start.

And you shall be the 1% in this world that most dream of becoming.

People do not plan to fail.

They fail to plan.

Get YOU out of the way of your success by sorting yourself out.

Follow the Blue Print Allah SWT has designed for you, with 100% belief.


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