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BIG problem..

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#16 Al-Siddiq


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Posted 05 July 2011 - 04:40 PM

View PostGuest, on 30 June 2011 - 12:25 PM, said:

can the mother/father of the child pray for the child/for themselves... although the child and the actions are haraam?
and jazakallah for all the responses

Of course they can pray for the child and for themselves! In fact they should pray a lot for the help of Allah.

The child is not haram, only the action of the father and mother being intimate with each other before marriage was haram.

Get married if possible, and raise the child.

#17 Guest_satan_slayer_*

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Posted 10 July 2011 - 08:00 AM

BarakAllahu feekum,

Usually when we have committed a sin we do despair and feel low, but we must remember that its mans nature to sin. But what really matters is that we deal with the sin in the correct way. Remember the story of Barsisa, the renegade, how he fell hard from his piety and drowned into sins. He committed sin after sin after sin, and that's how he gave up his entire imaan.

In this matter(the sin of zina) that u two have committed, it is very important that you question your faith in Allah. Remember that the harder you fall(to a bad deed) the stronger you must rise. Don't do the same thing that Barsisa did. Retaliate the bad deed with an even better good-deed. Never accept that you have failed your life. Remember that a believer never fails. In the end its not how good you are, rather its how good you want to be. You posting this matter onto an Islamic forum itself shows that you want to seek the help of the pious ppl, it shows that you want to seek Allah's help(WHOEVER FEARS ALLAH AND KEEPS HIS DUTY TO HIM HE WILL MAKE FOR HIM A WAY OUT OF EVERY DIFFICULTY(65:2))<---"""Every difficulty!!!"""

The man who did 99 murders wud be, in our eyes a very bad person, but he wanted to be good, and thus set out to seek repentance(its not how good you are rather how good you want to be)..so Allah forgave him.

Regarding the issue of pressure from the people around you two, remember that you must not fear the people as Allah should be feared. Khashiyatu-nnaas or Khashiyatu-Rahmaan? Question your faith. Allah is more deserving of your fear. WHOEVER FEARS ALLAH AND KEEPS HIS DUTY TO HIM HE WILL MAKE FOR HIM A WAY OUT OF EVERY DIFFICULTY(65:2)

Lastly, a good character and a bad reputation is better than a bad character and a good reputation. Allah willing, you will not be humiliated and defamed if you stay on the path of patience and repentance. Its time to take out ur sword,ie, your DUA, and hit the shaitaan with it. Shaitaan will not fail another soul this time, as he did to barsisa.

May Allah make it easy for you, all other like you and help you in making the right decisions.I will remember you guys in my duas inshaAllah.

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