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a glimpse of dunya from my eyes :) KNIFE ..... - 7th Century Generation

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a glimpse of dunya from my eyes :) KNIFE .....

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#1 ghazala


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Posted 29 September 2011 - 04:21 PM

Moving winds still blows,

Bright sky still shines,

Twinkling stars still twinkle,

flying birds still fly,

Moon still luminate light,

Al-mutaqun still on there way,

Dreaming eyes still dream,

Drizzling rain still showers droplets of water,

Still water speaks many truth,

A pencil still scribbles the books,

Thinking mind never rests,

A thought comes and goes,

Sad face still smiles out of pain,

Longing eyes wide open for mercy,

Trees still stand waiting,

Some more miles to reach destiny,

Which hasn't been chosen by us,

But decision maker was us,

Still hear kunfaya kun(to be and it be's),

Just an blinking of eyes,

Days pass years goes,

So, strange the just traveler,

People walking in heard's,

Busy in there lives,

My pencil seeing every emotion still scribbling,

No,pebble of where to reach,

But for sure you will be resurrected,

Standing in grief,

Pain still with in chest,

Longing for peace,

Sleeping eyes,

But no rest with in,

Hoping for mercy,

Still here on bed,

Dust is my bed,

Mind still scribbling,

Pencil wants to write more,

But words don't wanna come out,

A confused mind,

No, idea where the will make me reach,

People still running behind money,

The words hidden in my pages,

Someday will surly come out,

Hope still tide in mercy,

Family still longing for care,

Mind wants to talk,

But words never come out,

Pencil confused what to write,

A heart filled with love,

Scratches still trying to sew up,

Don't know,what the end of paper will be like,

Random thoughts still running thru my pages,

Eyes still sparkling with glitters,

Stories still waving around the mind,

A long time after I sit in peace and scribble my pages,

Sand still I feel beneath my feet,

An ocean of sorrow still underneath my heart,

Every person weeping with there own grief,

Trains moving fast making a lot of noise,

People in there with different customs and sad stories,

The pencil wonders what makes people live,

A peaceful life still trying to pass a test,

No pause in life,

I move with no sign of who am I,

Still a sob on my eyes,

A tongue still locked,

Waiting to cross this bridge,

To reach the next,

But guess what level 2 is not so easy,

All the accounts waiting to get paid,

A pencil still scribbling this pages,

Fire calls me in,

But a shield of mercy protecting me hidden,

A long story to still go,

Moving wind still moving without knowing where to stop,

A breath wants to take a pause,

But underneath ocean of thoughts,

A standing man still standing in Salah,

A confused mind,

Longing for concentration,

No, idea whether the salah was accepted or not,

But the moments are over,

Scared what dunya will think,

Offers salah where ever gets a chance,

But with no peace,

Mind still hearing all the thoughts,

Thinking someone still hears what the mind thinks,

People still moving in flocks,

I still stand alone,

Wondering what to do,

No clue, if I am right or wrong,

No clue, what am i doing,

No clue, why was I born,

No clue, why am I tested,

No clue, what the end result,

No clue, why am I here,

No clue, why heart aches and pains,

No clue, whats the purpose of dunya,

No clue, why time moves,

No clue, what situations more to face,

No clue, how to rest the mind,

No clue, why dunya looks to pull me in,

No clue, whats with in,

No clue, whats hidden beneath,

No clue, why people ask do you even live in dunya,

No clue, whats going on,

No clue, .................. A clue less life,

No clue, with a stuck mind,

No clue, spinning all the time,

No clue, spinning mind,

A longing to chase death,

A purpose to serve lord,

A purpose to see jannah,

A purpose to see the lord,

A scared mind,

A lost soul,

People still ask do you even live in dunya,

Sometimes feels like i dont belong to this dunya,

Still wanna run on a track to chase death,

Longing to see my grave,

Longing to see my lord,

Longing to still fly,

Longing to see the gardens of eden,

Longing that keeps me alive,

Dunya is just like a knife,

I hug it with a tight joy to enter next life with a hope,

Yes I am dead here,

But my soul belongs to hear-after,


Edited by ghazala, 29 September 2011 - 04:59 PM.

#2 islam_mydeen

    Formerly "born n die - alone"

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Posted 29 September 2011 - 04:36 PM

nicce work ghazouleh. Masha'Allah. keep it up :D

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