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The biggest looser ! - 7th Century Generation

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The biggest looser !

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 03:09 AM

Its been years since I have wrote ,

The land has been drought ,

And the head had been rust,

Life changes ...

Time changes ...

Faith changes ...

I now sit thinking what to write,

Memories have been sweet,

But no one left behind,

Faith have been torn out like an old cloth,

No more do I feel the pain out of fear,

Walking about with a cold heart,

I went near the mirror,

I see a person so dry,

I take a closer look into my eyes,

All I see is just me,

No spark no life,

So strange those look to me,

No more pain do I feel,

No more tears do I see,

They are just dry,

Wish my faith would return back,

Wish the days of faith come back,

Wish though I know nothing will be back,

There was a time,

When Jannah was close to my heart,

And head always bowed in sujood,

Hoping for mercy then would I look up,

But now my hope have been loose,

My faith is being worn out,

Hell now looks to be touching my feet,

And all I do is sleep,

My conscious killing me deep,

I wonder is it still me?

I wish to wake up before its too late,

No ayats do I remember when I look around,

It just looks so strange,

I am no more the person who I was,

Nor am I the person who I wish to be,

A strike of blaze have burnt my heart,

It now is like coal dark,

Running behind dunya,

Eyes want to drip tears down,

But the heart began to be hard.

Yearning for Allah and His meeting is like the gentle breeze blowing upon the heart, extinguishing the blaze of the Dunya. Whosoever caused his heart to settle with his Lord shall be in a state, calm and tranquility, and whosoever sent it amongst the people shall be disturbed and excessively perturbed.” [Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (rahimahullaah)]

- by anonymous poster

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